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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.61, No.0, 19 ~ 31, 2018
Dailiness in Fashion - Focused on Normcore, Gorpcore, Menocore -
이민선 Min-sun Lee
Background Recently dailiness has been studied as the base of creativity in many cultural researches. But in the fashion fields the researches on dailiness hardly have been done. This study explains from a perspective of dailiness, the common value penetrating normcore, gorpcore and menocore which have been emerged since 2015. Thereby it can contribute to predicting future trends related to dailiness. Methods First, literary studies on the meaning, backgrounds, social phenomena related to dailiness were done. Second, both literary and empirical studies on the meaning, backgrounds, and fashion phenomena of normcore, gorpcore and menocore were done. Third, the value and formativeness of fashion’s dailiness were analyzed. Result The values of dailiness that can be commonly found in normcore, gorpcore and menocore are ecological vision on human and creative actions through non-dailiness of dailiness. These values make people pursue the environmental friendly fashion so that natural fabrics, method of eco-friendly, vintage styles have emerged as trends. By transforming and mix-matching of daily clothes, people create new styles, which are examples of creative actions. Conclusion Dailiness is the key element of composing society and is the object which have to be frankly expressed. The research on the formatives of dailiness will contribute to developing fashion design for the public in daily life.
Key Words
놈코어, 고프코어, 미노코어, Normcore, Gorpcore, Menocore
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