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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.60, No.0, 99 ~ 109, 2018
Branding Strategies of Korean Ceramics using Chunghwa techniques
백인교 Inkyo Back , 이윤진 Younjin Lee
Background Korean ceramics have improved their quality of process, but luxury Korea ceramic brand is still not to emerge as the absence of creative techniques or design. The aim of this study is to promote the commercialization of Korean ceramics by converting traditional Chunghwa techniques into new Chunghwa techniques independently. Methods Based on research methods, I analyzed the ceramic products of Europe and Korea brands using Chunghwa techniques and pursued the commercialization of the Korean ceramics products market. Result Through the analysis of Europe and Korea brands, which utilizes Chunghwa techniques, two strategies were presented. First, the brand differentiation was presented through the brand new Chunghwa color spectrum. This is the strategy of developing independent Chunghwa techniques using traditional techniques and redefining traditional decorative skills. Second, this is the strategy of brand service through public education programs and collection guide using brand new Chunghwa technique. Conclusion The study conducted the possibility of Chunghwa as a traditional materials and new techniques for commercializing Korean luxury ceramic brand. Using the standout techniques of Chunghwa, I have concluded Korean luxury ceramic branding strategies that suits future customers' sensibility. Subsequent studies should require more in-depth experimenting with Chunghwa's various colors.
Key Words
청화기법, 도자기브랜드화, 국내도자브랜드, Chunghwa technique, Ceramic Branding, Korean ceramics
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