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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.60, No.0, 79 ~ 89, 2018
A Study on the Design Method for Improving Usability of Fire Extinguisher with REBA Technique Used
강채우 Kang Chaewoo , 김덕남 Kim Dueknam
Background Quantitative increase and qualitative improvement of fire extinguishing systems have continued to be done. However, the number of fires has not decreased still now. Therefore, this researcher tries to seek the design plan that can reduce fires.. Methods The study is arranged focusing on experiments. First, supposing its is a fire, the whole process that general users extinguish the fire by using fire extinguishers is videotaped. The video which is shot is analyzed with REBA, the ergonomic analytical tool. And the analyzed data is divided into 5 phases of extinguishment and a guideline for design improvement is suggested. Result Phase 1, it's the stage to grasp a fire extinguisher with your hand. The appropriate height of the fire extinguisher can be set to reduce the excessive load that occurs in the process to hold it suddenly. Phase 2, it's the stage to separate the fire extinguisher. A support is installed or wheels are attache to the body of the fire extinguisher to make the height appropriate. Phase 3, it's the stage to transport the fire extinguisher. The gross weight of the fire extinguisher must not exceed 2kg. If it is inevitable to exceed 2kg, the hose length of the fire extinguisher must be extended to a limited extent or fire extinguishing agent must reach long distances. Phase 4, it's the stage to remove a safety pin. A wrist must not forcedly be twisted and excessive load must not occur in limbs by making the safety pin a button. But, the button must easily be identified. Phase 5, it's the stage to spray the fire extinguishing agent. The handle is designed to be stable or make pressure increase slowly to reduce instant load due to blow of compressed gas. Conclusion If the results in the study as above are reflected in arranging new designs of fire extinguishing systems, it is thought that they can make a contribution to reduce casualties and property damage.
Key Words
REBA, 인간공학, 소화설비 디자인, human engineering, fire extinguishing system design
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