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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.60, No.0, 67 ~ 79, 2018
Implementing Video Content on Top-Down Floating Hologram Device
박장원 Jang-won Park , 김태완 Tai-wan Kim
Background The commercially available hologram device is designed for a unidirectional floating hologram that makes the image appear to be floating in the air using one- or up to four-sided half mirrors through a single expression panel. It features a limited size of image content shown on an expression panel, and as the number of half mirrors increases, the size of video content visible to views decreases. If it is needed to create a larger image content, the unidirectional floating hologram device must be enlarged, consequently revealing the spatial limitation of the unidirectional floating hologram. Methods This study aims to design a top-down floating hologram device in a bid to reduce the spatial limitation of the currently commercially available unidirectional floating hologram, identify whether or not image content is properly implemented and to find ways to overcome the spatial limitation accordingly. Result To design a top-down floating hologram device, two expression panels have been placed on top and the bottom, making them face each other with image contents are divided into top and the bottom before they are shown. The image shown is reflected on the eight-sided half-mirror, which is created by arranging two half mirrors of unidirectional floating hologram device with up to four sides to face each other on top and the bottom. Arranging the expression media in identical size and half mirrors on top and the bottom combines the reflected images on top and the bottom and makes them appear to be a single image. Conclusion The top-down floating hologram device doubles the height and maintains the area when doubling the size of the image to be shown, thereby reducing the spatial limitation.
Key Words
플로팅 홀로그램, 상 하향식 디바이스, 홀로그램 영상 콘텐츠, Floating hologram, top-down device, holographic image content
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