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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.60, No.0, 51 ~ 67, 2018
The Effect of Attractiveness of Alternatives perceived by college students in Social Commerce Fashion Products Market on Switching Intention - Focusing on Moderating Effect of Relational Benefits -
조은주 Cho Eun Joo
Background This study targeted college students who have experience of purchasing goods in social commerce fashion products market among college students majoring in fashion related major who will advance to relevant industry as a group of major customers of social commerce with intensifying competition to examine the influence of attractiveness of alternatives perceived by them to switching intention and the and to see if the influence differs by the relational benefits. Methods The study conducted survey for 16days from September 10 to 25, 2017, distributed 330 copies of questionnaire, and used total 284 copies for final valid samples. Result First, it was confirmed that attractiveness of alternatives perceived by college students affected switching intention positively. Next, among the subcategories of relational benefits, economic benefits was confirmed to moderate the influence of attractiveness of alternative to switching intention. Social benefit, confidence benefit or special treatment benefit did not moderate the influence of attractiveness of alternative to switching intention. However, they were confirmed to operate as independent variables lowering the switching intention by directly affecting negatively to switching intention. Conclusion Thus, there is a need to consider a measure to occupy comparative advantage by comparing with alternatives in order to prevent switching intention of customer to increase in social commerce fashion products market. Also, social commerce businesses must enhance the social benefit like community activities among consumers other than product sales, special treatment benefit like mileage service or additional service for frequent customers to improve consumer trust, and enhance confidence benefit like security and hacking or economic benefit to reduce switching intention.
Key Words
대안의 매력도, 전환의도, 관계혜택, Attractiveness of Alternatives, Switching Intention, Relational Benefits
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