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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.60, No.0, 39 ~ 51, 2018
Types of perception on the body shape of the early 20's female
차수정 Su-joung Cha
Background In modern society, as economic development and social activities of women become generalized, appearance has become the social competitiveness of individual. The purpose of this study is to analyze the subjective evaluation of how to shape oneself in the early 20s through the Q methodology. In the early 20s, I would like to understand the perception of body shape and classify the type of cognitive figure. The purpose of this study is to provide the basic data necessary for the development of clothing that can improve the satisfaction of the body contour by considering type's characteristics. Methods This study used Q methodology. The Q population included all opinions related to the body shape of women in their early 20s and the P sample was selected from 20 P samples. For the Q analysis, a QUANL pc program was used. Result In the early 20s, the type of female figure was analyzed as 5 types. Lower body development bending forward shape have thick thigh and ankle. And the lower body is developed, and the body is leaning forward. A big fat body with a big chest and a hip have a big chest and hip. The flat rectangle has a small difference between the waist and hip. The tall ladder body is tall, the chest is small, and the hip circumference is large. Lower body development obesity body is thicker thighs and calves, upper and lower belly protruding. Conclusion In the early 20s, considering the awareness of the body shape of women, it is possible to develop a positive change in body shape through the development of clothing design and pattern that can cover the shortcomings of the figure and highlight its merits by providing basic data for making clothes.
Key Words
20대 전반 여성, 체형, 인식유형, Early 20's female, Body shape, Types of perception
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