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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.59, No.0, 107 ~ 117, 2018
Mobile Content-type Advertising Trends in Social Media : Focused on Viral Video Advertising on YouTube
이운형 Woon-hyung Lee
Background As the general telecommunication environment has developed with the improvements of the data telecommunication speed and the performance of computers and smartphones in the mobile environment, the applications focusing on video are clearly growing. The need for the advertising using video in the mobile environment seems to continue to increase gradually with the growth of video platforms starting from YouTube. Accordingly, in this research, the characteristics of video advertising in the form of mobile contents were examined, and the cases of recent viral video advertising were analyzed. Methods This study aims at analyzing the cases of the video content-type advertising which has been used on YouTube nowadays, understanding the current trends comprehensively, and through which, helping future production of related advertisements with the results of this research as well as theoretical study. Result The video advertising in the form of mobile contents were found to have mainly adopted an emotional message appealing method in the aspect of advertising creative in order to draw viewers' attention. They let products themselves mixed with the contents naturally rather than make a product appear openly and its brand exposed, and that's how they receive viewers' responses. In them, cute animals appear, animation techniques differentiated from other advertising catch viewers' eyes, or dramatic twists impress viewers. These elements can be said to be the parts that affect the viral effect. Conclusion In terms of creative, the advertising based on real stories or those picturing what viewers can experience in their real life through emotional images and therefore arouse viewers' sympathy are getting good responses. The content-type video advertising in social media is one of the most proper form of advertising in the mobile environment where consumers can watch and share advertising at any time.
Key Words
모바일 광고, 동영상 콘텐츠, 크리에이티브, Mobile Advertising, Video Content, Creative
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