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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.59, No.0, 97 ~ 107, 2018
Characteristic of Upcycle Design in Modern Fashion
신초현 Shin Cho Hyun , 김정실 Kim Jung-sil
Background Modern fashion industry causes serious environmental problems due to waste production and mass consumption. Thus, there have been efforts to create environmental-friendly designs and the up-cycling design has become an alternative way that does not only use wastes as an important source of use, but also as something that adds aesthetic elements for the design. The purpose of this study is to upcycle product designs applying used firehoses which is known to be difficult to recycle. Methods This study takes a look at the ideas of upcycling and the characteristics of a firehose and analyzes upcycling product designs of domestic and foreign brands. The goal is to upcycle bags and create a design applying used firehoses. Result A total of 6 bags were designed after cutting, washing used firehoses and patching them into pieces through a handicraft work. For the production, a name ‘Fire Markers,’ which means ‘traces of fire.’ was given as a brand name. Since consumers regard individuality importantly, uniqueness and originality were taken into account and as a result, possibilities of producing eco-friendly recycling materials from washing used firehoses have come across. Conclusion Through the development of designing upcycled bags, hopefully an activation plan of effectively using upcycled products arise and have a positive effect on the Korean upcycle market where social interest and industrial base are weak.
Key Words
현대 패션, 업사이클 디자인, 업사이클링 특성, Modern Fashion, Upcycle Design, Characteristic of Upcycling
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