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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.59, No.0, 61 ~ 73, 2018
Domestic Research Trends in Fashion Cultural Products
김선영 Kim Sun Young
Background This study aims at analyzing the domestic research trends pertaining to fashion cultural products in Korea. This will help the activation of research about fashion cultural goods and suggest the direction to ongoing development of them as high value added goods. Methods Literature review was taken as a research method. Selected object was a total of 106 against themes on fashion cultural products among domestic dissertations and journal papers. Period covered for research scope was limited to year 2000 when the relevant paper was first released through June, 2017. Analysis was performed on timeline research trend, research field and method, type of product, theme and production technique. Result Number of fashion cultural product-related paper increased abruptly in the second period starting from 2000 and the continuous increase kept going. Research field was defined into design and marketing and the design area was concentrated out of these two. Research method appeared in the order of research development, survey study, case study, and literature study. In the type of product, the manifold suggestion with various types of item took the most, and then fashion accessories, miscellaneous goods in daily life, and fashion clothing followed. In the applied theme, the traditional Korean cultural element was featured most, and then local culture-based element and complex element were shown. As to the production technique, the digital print-based method took the highest portion, and sewing method, others, fabric weaving, and dying method came afterwards. Conclusion In these days the cultural industry's importance is emphasized, fashion cultural products along with a sensual fashion emotion seem to have limitless potential in terms of manifold aspects in development. More activated research about fashion cultural products is expected further to proceed to lead the Korean cultural industry in the future.
Key Words
패션, 문화상품, 연구 동향, Fashion, Cultural Products, Research Trend
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