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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.59, No.0, 49 ~ 61, 2018
A Study On Factors Affecting Identification Of Children's Hospital Characters
김수빈 Su-bin Kim , 이현주 Hyun-ju Lee
Background Children's hospital characters need to be used as an auxiliary means of controlling and treating psychological aspects of existing entertainment. The purpose of this study is to analyze the emotions and factors that children have positively with child hospital characters and to analyze the status of children hospital characters. This is meaningful as a basic data for character design of children hospital. Methods Through the related research, we looked at the current status of children's hospital characters and extracted emotions and factors that children felt in their characters and presented them as a frame of analysis. In order to analyze the characters of the children's hospital, the questionnaires were conducted for the children and t - test, one - way ANOVA and correlation analysis were conducted. Result First, when the material was divided into human and animal, there was no significant difference in identification feelings. However, significant differences were found in the feelings according to the sex of the respondents. Second, there was no significant difference in identification feelings anthropomorphic material on one animal, but there was a significant difference according to respondents' gender. Third, characters differed in the level of anthropomorphism of animals, there was a significant difference in identification. Conclusion In the analysis of the character of children hospital, the identification feeling of the children according to the material and degree of Anthropomorphism showed different results from the previous studies. This means that the main use of children's hospitals should recognize and consider the characteristics of children and the specificity of hospitals. It is necessary to understand the role of child hospital character, and to search for direction of character design that children can bring strong identification with character.
Key Words
어린이 병원, 캐릭터, 동일화, Children's Hospital, Character, Identification
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