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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.59, No.0, 27 ~ 37, 2018
A Study on the Visual Characteristics of Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies' Logo Design
홍일양 Hong Il-yang
Background As the pharmaceutical industry is a key strategic industry in the country, the domestic pharmaceutical industry has a very low share of 1.5% or less in the world market, despite the government's strategic support, continuous growth due to population aging and massive value creation. Moreover, renewal of CI is essential for Korean pharmaceutical companies, whose logo design was produced in the 1970s and 1990s, to make a leap into a global pharmaceutical powerhouse in the global pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, this is a prior study for the comparative analysis of CIs of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, and CI proposal of Korean pharmaceutical companies with global competitiveness in the future. Methods Based on the theoretical background, understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, the importance of logo design, and the concept of symbol and word mark. I selected 24 pharmaceutical companies based on the ranking of sales of multinational pharmaceutical companies in 2015. And the visual characteristics of pharmaceutical company logo design were classified and analyzed by type, color, and word mark. Result Analysis results showed that the symbol mark and word mark mixed type were overwhelmingly preferred, and the symbol mark had the highest circular shape. As for the word mark, 45.9% were mixed with upper and lower case, and Gothic style was much preferred. In the case of color, low brightness and saturation were used as a whole. Among them, blue color which gives a positive image expressing dynamism and leadership including a solid color and a mixed color is the highest. This is proportional to the color image positioning results of the rhythmic and light category. Conclusion Recently, the CIs of newly renewed companies are attempting to differentiate them with free and simple images instead of sticking to basic shapes, and are making a new image making of companies. The unique and distinctive corporate identity design that can be imprinted on a consumer at a time is an essential element in building corporate image and enhancing corporate value. This study aims to analyze the visual characteristics based on the utilization of logo design of multinational pharmaceutical companies and to help the basic data for image making of competitive companies of Korean pharmaceutical companies as visual symbol elements.
Key Words
다국적 제약회사, 로고디자인, 시각적 특징, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company, Logo Design, Visual Characteristics
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