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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.58, No.0, 17 ~ 27, 2018
A Comparative Analysis of Korean, Chinese and Japanese Parents' Perceptions for Design Elements of Children's Health Care Footwear
하용호 Yong-ho Ha , 김호곤 Hogon Kim
Background In the case of the overall shrunk shoe industry, as the demand for functional shoe in domestic and foreign markets increases, the development efforts of the industry and academic researches are steadily increasing. Nevertheless, there are rarely studies related to systematic research or design or design elements to enter the overseas market. In this study, we developed a design element which is an important part in the development of functional shoes, and developed a healthcare footwear for children suitable for the East Asian market by comparing and evaluating the perceptions of consumers in Korea, China and Japan I want to use it as data. Methods The purpose of this study is to compare the perceptions of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese parents about the design elements of children's health care footwear. In this study, hypotheses were set based on previous research, data were collected from Korea, China and Japan through questionnaires, SPSS statistical analysis. Statistical analysis was performed by correlation analysis, variance analysis, and cross analysis. Result The hypothesis that there is a difference in the degree of the health care shoe design element of the children recognized by the parents of Korea, China, and Japan is all adopted. The hypothesis that the importance of children's health care shoe design elements perceived by parents of Korea, China, and Japan will be different was adopted. Conclusion Korean parents are more concerned about design elements than Japan and China. In addition, it is necessary to develop products that reflect the tendency of the market to enter, because there is a difference in the importance of children's health care shoe design elements perceived by parents of Korea, China and Japan.
Key Words
기능성 신발, 인간공학적 디자인, 실증분석, Functional shoes, ergonomic design, empirical analysis
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