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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.58, No.0, 7 ~ 17, 2018
The Relationship between Value Recognition of Exercise and Healthcare Footwear Design Element for Children
김호곤 Hogon Kim , 하용호 Yong-ho Ha
Background Parents have the right to make decisions about purchasing supplies for infants and children. Therefore, parents' perceptions, thoughts, and values are very important factors in determining the purchase of children's products. The purpose of this study was to investigate how the perception of the value of exercise of parents has on the factors that determine the design of children's health care shoes. Methods The purpose of this study is to establish the hypotheses based on the previous studies and to apply the empirical analysis method to verify the hypotheses. First, the data were collected through questionnaires and the collected data were verified using SPSS statistical analysis method. For statistical analysis, reliability analysis, factor analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis were conducted. Result As a result of the factor analysis, design factors of children's health care shoe are aesthetics, symbolism, physicality, ergonomics, and environmental friendliness. Second, parental perception of the child's exercise has a positive effect on aesthetic, physical, and ergonomic characteristics. Conclusion From a practical point of view, parents regard the aesthetics, ergonomics, and physicality as important factors in designing a child's health care shoe. From an academic point of view, we have attempted to develop a scientific approach to the development of children's shoes when the expansion of markets or the importance of new market development is emphasized.
Key Words
운동의 가치, 부모 인식, 동적 활동성, Value of exercise, Parent perception, Dynamic activity
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