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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.57, No.0, 115 ~ 125, 2017
The Effects of Experience Providers on the Level of Brand Experience and Brand Relationship - The Reconsideration of Strategies in the Aspect of Design Management in the Area of Identity and Products -
김세미 Kim Se-mi , 손원준 Son Won-jun
Background The current marketing paradigm has been changed from the traditional marketing emphasizing the unilateral communication to the bilateral relational communication. The ultimate goal of experience marketing is to create the overall experience for customers, and the experience providers of brand experience work as a strategic tool to provide positive brand experience. Therefore, this study aims to concretely reveal the differences in the effects of experience providers such as identity and product appearance on each area of the level of brand experience and brand relationship, based on the experiential greed module by B. Schmitt. Also, based on the results, it aims to suggest the strategic module by adopting BX to the aspect of design management. Methods Based on the relevant research trend and theoretical background, this study aimed to set up research questions according with the research objective and then to draw results through experimental research. Suggesting practical implications, it aimed to suggest conclusions of study. Result In the area of identity of experience providers, the sense, cognition, and sensitivity of the level of brand experience showed high correlations while the cognition and sense had huge effects in the area of product appearance. Also, regarding the brand relationship, the product appearance showed close relations. Conclusion Based on the results, the approach measures of strategic BX design in which the attributes of brand experience level have been adopted to design management could be suggested. On top of observing the maximized brand experience and increased efficiency of brand experience, it is also expected to contribute to the retention of positive brand relationship with consumers.
Key Words
경험제공수단, 브랜드 경험차원, 브랜드 관계성, Experience provider, dimension of brand experience, brand relationship
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