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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.57, No.0, 105 ~ 114, 2017
A Study on the Expression of Chaos in Human Relationship through the Recombination of Images -Focusing on my works-
윤경희 Yoon Kyung Hee , 오순 Oh Soon , 김정실 Kim Jung-sil
Background The purpose of this study is to analyze the chaotic expression in human relationships through recombination of image transformations and investigate the meaning of communication and the confusion of identity in the individualized society. Methods There are different properties between needles including threads and inanimate objects that are used as motifs in the works. They demonstrate relational characteristics in that they all serve one purpose as they are expressed in a positive and negative relationship. Based on the research analysis of contemporary paintings, my paintings are completed with DTP(Digital Textile Printing) using the functions of Photoshop(CS6) and Textile Ver. 11.0. Result The work that constituted the work(8) was expressed based on the psychological change that I encountered while meeting with various groups of people as I grew up and the sense of identity that arose throughout the process. As a result, it is necessary to carry out an empirical research that reflects pattern design through the development of trendy works from the perspective of diversity in other fields. Conclusion The meaning of various expressions of the inner world of people who fall into confusion in relationships with others and those who are confused about their identity was incorporated into the works. The goal is to contribute to the development of industrial design including fashion design, textile design, and interior design by combining new images of motif with contemporary painting.
Key Words
인간관계, 소통, 정체성, Human Relationship, Communication, Identity
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