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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.57, No.0, 91 ~ 105, 2017
The Formativeness Expression of Space Expansion using Optical Illusion on Optical Fiber
양이수 Yee-soo Yang , 김성연 Sung-yoen Kim
Background If the development of architectural materials was the major variable of determining urban forms and functions in a previous era, the development of scientific technology and information communication is triggering the changes of urban space structures in modern era. The city where we are currently living has the close relationship with the enormous network, internet. As the physical characteristic of urban was substituted with virtualization, such network system has emerged as the new characteristic of modern urban. Due to this change, the optical fiber has become the material that represents the best of the contents and structures of modern urban, which can be described as informatization, globalization, and speed & image. The light and medium displayed by the optical fibers causes the intentional optical illusion, which expresses not only “Night Life” and spectacle, but intensifies the characteristics of modern urban, and it also suggests the possibility of perceiving the urban space as an expanded space that has multi-purposes. Methods Based on understanding the concepts and characteristics of optical illusion, analyze the cases using optical illusion phenomenon on formative arts and research the optical illusion produced by using medium. Based on the study, utilize the optical illusion produced by optical fiber and medium to materialize the image of urban space as the piece of art. Result The revolution of information transfer enabled by optical fiber has destroyed the existing boundary and expanded the range of urban to world-wide. The speed of modern urban has created the rhythm that is completely different from what it used to be, and established the human and the life of urban in different dimension. Since optical fiber is the raw material which used in information communication technology, it carries the image of rapid speed and externalized power of urban space. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to assure the possibility of formative expression of visualized space extension through the optical illusion using optical fiber. Especially, the modeling of urban space would be used to display the possibility of formative expression of visualized space extension, because the medium, optical fiber, symbolizes the changes of urban spaces such as globalization. Conclusion In this thesis, the possibility of the optical fiber, one of the main materials used in textile art, as the medium was explored by scrutinizing the question, how the optical fiber and optical illusion can be used to expand purposes of a visible space. The optical fiber well-reveals the various spatial characteristics of modern urban through the optical illusion of visualized space that can be expanded by the light created by the optical fiber, which assures the possibility of the optical fiber as the material of formative arts. Ultimately, the goal of this research is to disclose the possibility of expanding an expression realm of textile art infinitely beyond the limited area such as applied art or subordinate art through the various experiments of the installation of space using the optical fiber.
Key Words
광섬유, 착시현상, 공간 확장, Optical Fiber, Optical Illusion, Space Expansion
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