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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.57, No.0, 79 ~ 91, 2017
Online Opinion Analysis of Performing Arts through Social Big Data
장성복 Sung-bok Chang , 성열홍 Youl-hong Sung
performing arts in South Korea and the new Korean Wave, this study investigated online public opinions among people who enjoy performing arts and proposed a way to utilize the online public opinion through social big data analysis. Methods For the study, 5.72million data collected from blogs, news, forums, and web documents from January 2013 until December 2015 were analyzed by using the social data analysis solution TIBUZZ, and the difference in satisfaction with the performance was compared based on the number of relevant posts, views, and number of references to performers by show. Result The result showed that the most frequently mentioned type of performance was concert, followed by musical, play, ballet, and opera in the order and the amount of references to performing arts by channel was largest in blogs, followed by news, forums, and Q&A site. And larger-scale performances like Concert had higher amounts of references (interest) and positive feedback(satisfaction). In addition, the sentiment analysis related to the performance showed higher percentages of satisfaction and joy, and there was a correlation between the number of tickets sold according to the amount of mentioned. Conclusion Findings in this study provide basic data related to online public opinion on performing arts and propose practical and policy-related implications as well as new criteria for evaluating online public opinion related to performing arts through social big data.
Key Words
공연예술, 소셜 빅데이터, 온라인 여론, Performing Arts, Social Big Data, Online Public Opinion
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