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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.57, No.0, 53 ~ 66, 2017
Image Analysis of Visual Perception Elements by Movie Frames
김해태 Hae-tae Kim
Background This study discusses the relationship between frame rates and visual perception elements using image analysis criteria based on the rationale that frame rates affect the visual elements in a frame. Methods The films selected for the discussion include < Mommy (2014) > with a square frame rate, < Ida (2013) > with an academy frame rate, and < Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) > with wide and academy frame rates. For the analysis, the frames of the movies were minutely divided in accordance with image analysis criteria, and the visual perception elements expressed in each frame were classified into the balance, gestalt and vector of the screen for an analysis on their relationship. Result he results of the image analysis of visual perception elements by movie frames can be summarized as follows: At the square frame rate, due to its spatial limitation, the balance, gestalt and vector of the screen tend to focus on the person. On the other hand, the wide screen rate, free in every aspect, produces a horizontal stable composition and features a variety of shot sizes, making the story more robust with the juxtaposition of short shots. Also, the force of the graphic vector, the index vector, and the motion vector was strongly expressed at the frame rate. Finally, the academy frame rate, which has the attributes of both the square frame rate and the wide screen that features a sense of freedom, best reflects the aesthetic intent of the director. Conclusion This study shows that frame rates have an aesthetic significance and affect the composition of the balance, gestalt and vector of the screen, which are visual elements, as the aesthetic power of the elements arranged in the screen varies on frame rate.
Key Words
프레임 비율, 영상분석, 시지각 요소, aspect ratio, Image Analysis, Visual Perception Elements
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