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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.57, No.0, 31 ~ 41, 2017
A study on the pattern of elderly women's pants by lower body shape using 3D simulation - focused on the DC Suite program -
차수정 Su-joung Cha
Background The elderly population participating in social activities is increasing because of the improvement of national income, the improvement of education level, and economic condition, and the desire for clothes due to leisure activities is increasing. Particularly, as the activity becomes more important, the necessity of pants considering the shape of older women is increasing. In this study, the pants patterns of 60-69 year olds were compared by body shape. We want to present an excellent pants pattern that is active and correct by analyzing. Methods This study analyzed the body shape of the lower body of 60-69 year old women according to the 6th Korea Human Body Survey Report and compared them by making the body type pants using the 3D simulation program. Result In the evaluation of the appearance of the pants pattern according to the body shape of the lower body of the old woman, there was a significant difference in the front(front waist position, hip space, thigh space, inner seam curve, crotch position, crotch line position and knee circumference position) and back sides(waist position, crotch space, thigh space, hip position, and dart position). There was no significant difference in the airgap of the pants according to the body shape for the objective evaluation of the 3D simulation. In elderly women, as the age increases, the hip circumference and thickness, abdomen circumference and thickness increase, and the volume of the crotch area also increases. In elderly women's pants pattern drawing, if the hip circumference is small, you should set the amount of space to 1/4 of the hip circumference to 4 ~ 5cm instead of 2 ~ 3cm, and increase the length of the waist longer. It is thought that it can be improved. Conclusion It is thought that it is necessary to meet the desire for the elderly, the silver layer clothes, which is getting higher by developing the pants design and pattern suitable for the old woman in accordance with the change of the body shape with the increase of the age.
Key Words
노년 여성, 체형, 팬츠, Elderly women, Body shape, Pants
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