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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.57, No.0, 7 ~ 18, 2017
Comparative Analysis of Korean Cosmetics Purchasing and Color Image of Korean and Chinese Consumer's
김경화 Kim Kyunghwa
Background This research made an attempt to figure out the color preference and color image on Korean cosmetics design which Korean and Chinese college students recognize. Methods For the progress of research, 186 persons participated in the research finally, and the results are as follows. Result First, as a result of analyzing the actual situation of cosmetics purchase, the first thing that stands out when looking at cosmetics design is that Chinese college students are more interested in brands than Korean college students, but both college and university students are interested in cosmetics color and brand. Secondly, in the result of analysis on the influence of the design color of cosmetics on the purchase, it appeared that the vessel of cosmetics or the color of design cast a bigger effect on the decision of the purchase of goods for Chinese than for Koreans. Thirdly, in the result which they grasped the color of wrapping and the suitability of the brand of Korean cosmetics, it was figured out that all Korean and Chinese collegians recognized that the wrapping color and the brand suitability are conformed with regarding the wrapping color and brand suitability of Korean cosmetics. Conclusion And in the result of analysis of emotional image of Korean cosmetics, all Korean and Chinese collegians recognized the sensitive image the highest. Therefore, the cosmetics companies which intend to launch both in domestic market and Chinese market will have to build up an emotional marketing strategy to reflect the function and quality and the characteristics of the company.
Key Words
화장품 디자인, 색채선호도, 색채이미지, Cosmetic Design, Color Preference, Color Image
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