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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.56, No.0, 73 ~ 83, 2017
A study of effect that university students` wears jewelry related to self-esteem
문선영 Sun-young Moon
Background In modern society, psychological problems increase. In particular, an increase in suicide rate and depression due to university students` economic instability, schoolwork, employment and the like in Korean society becomes a serious social problem. Diverse studies are carried out to prevent the decrease of self-esteem in society at large, or improve mental health and maximize self growth. However, the actual condition is that studies on university student are insufficient, and studies relating to psychotherapeutic jewelry are very insufficient. Hence, this study is intended to examine an effect produced on correlation with wearing jewelry according to data collection and analysis through questionnaire and self-esteem test. Methods It is intended to examine correlation between level of self-esteem and wearing jewelry in university students through questionnaire of different type for data collection besides Rosenberg`s self-esteem scale and then verify this through precedent studies and literature review. Students at D university in Gyeongsan were requested to fill in questionnaire so as to examine relation between psychological well-being and low self-esteem due to various types of university students` stress. Result It was possible to find that university students` self-esteem was low in general through questionnaire suggested in this study. And it was possible to find that there was correlation with the frequency of wearing jewelry. This study obtained results where, as student`s self-esteem increased, the frequency of wearing jewelry increased. Conclusion As a result of factors analysis, university students tend to the low rate of self-esteem. The theory can be verified Rosenberg`s self-esteem test using SPSS12.0 program. Correlation between wearing jewelry and self-esteem shown by data analysis will be helpful to diverse follow-up studies enabling the increase of self-esteem in the future.
Key Words
대학생, 주얼리, 자아존중감, University student, Jewelry, Self-esteem
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