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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.54, No.0, 123 ~ 133, 2017
Research on Traits of Local Design in the Context of Placeness - Interpretation of Local Design of Busan in the Perspective of its placeness -
장주영 Juyoung Chang
Background This Research will present analytic approach to traits of local design in the context of place. The research will not focus on industrial strategic aspect of design from corporations but focus on the daily cultural aspect of the design tightly joined to human life. Thus, it is about practical and reflective identity of Korean design where the locality becomes a subject beyond its commercialized and otherized surface. Methods The research methods will involve reviews on the literature and case studies primarily. Moreover, law of proximity in terms of social science theory, perceptual characteristics of human beings, ANT, and domestication theory will take parts as conceptual frame in case studies to proceed with interpretation. Result It has been acknowledged that people in the place generate artifacts and the process of interaction and adaptation between people and artifacts create law of proximity and sense of beauty and identity through the daily design culture. Busan locally possesses specific historic and natural environment where people are used to lead daily lives by mingling around in limited space and to closely join together in personal territories in terms of public sense of distance. Also, this place is apt to build upwards in order to resolve issues from limited space. As a consequence, the sense of beauty in this place is dedicated to packed constructions and formations without wasting a space, which influences on its various design creations and display styles of objects today. Conclusion Throughout the research, the daily design culture in Busan has been interpreted with three theoretical schemes in the context of place. The research presents its significance on analyzing and understanding daily design culture where relationships with other elements are intricately connected in the multilateral context of place. Also, the research connotes another meaning by bring up the conversation on local design, not the central one.
Key Words
문화정체성, 지역디자인, 부산디자인, Local Design, Busan Design, Cultural Identity
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