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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.54, No.0, 67 ~ 79, 2017
Studies on Package Design of Oriental Medicine Cosmetics for Exporting to Foreign Countries - Focusing on Gyeongbuk Oriental Medicine Cosmetics -
홍흠 Xin-hong
Background In terms of oriental medicine cosmetics in the Gyeongbuk region, many SMEs are experiencing difficulty in sales due to low domestic demand and the global economic recession. Therefore, in order for Gyeongbuk oriental medicine to enter overseas markets especially targeting China and Southeast Asia, this study aims to set directions for building brand images by analyzing elements of the visual designs of various brands and to provide direction regarding packaging design that will meet the needs of overseas consumers. Methods The scope of this study was limited to eight oriental medicine cosmetics brands produced in the Gyeongbuk area among all products manufactured in Korea. The theoretical basis of this research was established from domestic and foreign literature, and market research data from the oriental cosmetics industry and professional material on oriental medicine cosmetics, and examples of packaging design of oriental medicine in the Gyeongbuk area were compared, analyzed, and organized. Also, for further research, surveys of 100 Chinese residents living in Korea were conducted about the packaging design images of Gyeongbuk oriental medicine cosmetics. The results and implications are provided in this study. Result The study found that in order for Gyeongbuk oriental medicine cosmetics to enter overseas markets, not only is the function of the cosmetics important but the development of brand packaging design that satisfies the eyes of foreign consumers is urgent. The urgency rises from a lack of awareness of Gyeongbuk oriental medicine cosmetics manufacturers on brand packaging design and a lack of expert designers, and a systematic development of design is in need. Conclusion For Gyeongbuk oriental medicine cosmetics to enter the overseas export market, studies on understanding the culture of the overseas market more thoroughly should be conducted. As the market in China accounts for as much as half of the global cosmetics market, it is a market that cannot be neglected. With the aid of the still popular Korean wave, a systematic design created by professional designers needs to be developed.
Key Words
화장품, 한방화장품, 포장디자인, Oriental medicine cosmetics, Brand, Package design
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