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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.54, No.0, 225 ~ 235, 2017
A Study of Design Thinking Adaptation for Maker Education Process
이지선 Ji-sun Lee
Background Limitation of the current technology education is appointed as it seems impossible to cover creative educational method that leads to the gate of upcoming 4th industrial revolution, which develops the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence rapidly. Therefore, the research is purposed to find technology education method which is adapted Design Thinking in Maker Education, which based on learning by making, and project the Maker Movement that is spreading all around the world. Methods It is considered main study method that is suggested by Maker Education through analysis of the four kinds method of Inquiry-based Learning, Project-based Learning, Tinkering and Design Thinking. The study method is concluded through the case study analysis of Design Thinking applied from the Maker Education conducted in foreign Maker Education. Based on the concluded result, it was proposed a design thinking method that combines tinkering and design thinking. In order to verify the proposed methodology, the Young Maker education workshop was conducted for elementary and middle school students in Korea. Result This research presented a learning method that combines tinkering and design thinking appropriate to maker education learning method. The research conducted a maker education workshop applying design thinking to verify this, and concluded concrete results. After, the result of the workshop was examined and concluded three types of learning experience for Design Thinking. Conclusion This study suggests a concrete educational methodology for creativity improvement in maker education by applying design thinking to maker education. The examination was intended to suggest a way of creative education and Design Thinking`s way to apply Maker Education on the education.
Key Words
메이커 운동, 메이커 교육, 디자인 사고, Maker Movement, Maker Education, Design Thinking
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