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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.54, No.0, 215 ~ 225, 2017
A Study on the Color Trends and Preference in Eyewear-Focusing on Domestic and Foreign Brands-
이은영 Eun-young Lee , 장준영 Jun-young Jang
Background In its early stages, the domestic eyewear market has focused on the frame types and functional fit. But now the brand image and color marketing are more important factors than the utility value of products. As a means to enhance competitiveness of domestic eyewear brands, this study conducted an analysis of eyewear colors. This study also aimed at forecasting the color trends and styles as well as proposing designs of eyewear in the future. Methods As for research method, this study selected major eyewear brands that made use of a great variety of colors, extracted PANTONE COLOR which is an important resource in predicting the trend. Then, the extracted colors were classified according to the fashion image key words, and a questionnaire survey was carried out about the color preference and the fashion image color preference in the demographic aspects such as the age group and the wearing of eyewear or not. Result Examination according to age group and wearing of eyewear or not, the samples on the whole were influenced by colors when they chose eyewear; yellow and neutral colors were preferred. Teenagers preferred colors of medium brightness and high chroma; samples in their 20s preferred achromatic colors; samples in their 30s preferred heavy colors of high brightness and high chroma; samples in their 40s and 50s preferred heavy achromatic colors and colors of low chroma. Samples that always put on eyewear preferred colors of low chroma and low brightness. Conclusion Analysis of the preferred colors and image colors according to age groups and wearing of eyewear or not will be able to provide guidance on the use of images and colors in future eyewear design.
Key Words
아이웨어 디자인, 색채 이미지, 색채 선호도, Eyewear Design, Color Image, Color Preferences
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