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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.50, No.0, 113 ~ 128, 2016
The Coloration Preferences According to Golfer` s Demographic Characteristics
박정현 Jung-hyun Park , 임지영 Ji-young Lim
Background This research grasped the present status and trend of golf wear market, and analyzed coloration preferences focused on the demographic characteristics of golfers in order to understand needs on color schemes of diversified golf consumers, and prepare basic data to suggest new concepts of golf wear market. Methods For theoretical discussion, it analyzed the present status and colors of golf wear market based on published Internet news searched by keyword `golf wear market`, coloration were reviewed through papers. To conduct a survey, a total of 210 copies of a questionnaire were distributed to male and female golfers in their 20s and 60s living in Gyeongnam region, and 201 copies out of them were used for analysis data. For data analysis, SPSS 21.0 was used, and one-way ANOVA and Duncan`s multiple comparison analysis were conducted. Result As for the color preferences according to their demographic characteristic, the preferences of gorgeous, elegant and pretty colorations were high, and those of dandy coloration were low in general. As for the color preferences according to age, the twenties and thirties relatively prefer clear, chic or modern coloration highly in comparison with other ages. As for those according to sex, males prefer solid coloration like modern one, and females prefer soft coloration like romantic one. As for those according to job, office workers and housekeepers prefer romantic coloration, and students prefer comfortable coloration and dislike gorgeous coloration a lot. As for those according to marriage, singles prefer clear coloration, and married people prefer gorgeous one. As for those according to educational level, the higher golfers` educational level, the more they prefer modern coloration, and graduates of high school dislike chic coloration. College students prefer comfortable coloration, and dislike gorgeous and pretty colorations. And as for those according to income, golfers of family income per month of 9.01 to 11 million Won prefer classic coloration best. And the higher the income is, the more golfers prefer gorgeous coloration. Conclusion Results derived from this research identified color preference is varied depending on age, gender, occupation, marital status, education level, and income level of golfers, which will be utilized as effective strategy in planning coloration products. Notably, this research has its significance in that it investigated golf wear preferences utilizing diverse coloration image intended for golfers.
Key Words
골프웨어, 인구통계학적 특성, 배색선호도, Golf Wears, Demographic Characteristics, Coloration Preferences
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