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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.50, No.0, 85 ~ 101, 2016
A Study on Pattern Design Development using Cultural Tourism Resources of Pyeongchang
양순영 Yang Soon-young
Background One culture tourism resources in emerging new industries in the modern society of the future assets that can create added value in the tourism industry and enhance the value of its own. This study aims to relaunch the pattern appears as an image of the original area with the visual design Formative elements of cultural resources. Methods Pattern design development is the basic pattern used in pattern design to investigate those excavation characterization and visual advantage pattern with examining the cultural elements of that area creating an image material for cultural tourism resources in the Pyeongchang area through a design motif work create. The basic pattern is to study the four types of patterns and color patterns color image research. Also suggest the possibility to apply the pattern design research and development in culture product. Result In this study, based on culture and tourism in Pyeongchang it demonstrated by presenting the four types of pattern design. It represented the characteristics of each material by type showed an image that is visualized as a cultural pattern design. When looking at the process Pyungchang of the exposed image on the basis of the characteristic patterns can be developed in the future looks assuming variously. Conclusion Designers and product developers to develop products in the region are to take advantage of cultural material and know how to take advantage of cultural resources will be further seeking to apply to cultural goods. Pattern design should feel the need to find a way to come off the cultural motif of many creative designers are now forgotten because many of utilization. Pattern design utilizing cultural resources will be developed as a new design that changes to existing products taking advantage of modernity.
Key Words
평창 문화관광자원. 패턴디자인. 관광상품디자인, Pyeongchang, Cultural Tourism Resources, Pattern Design, Tourist Product Design
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