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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.48, No.0, 93 ~ 105, 2015
A Study on the Impact of User`s Characteristics and Perceived Awareness on the Satisfaction to Using Personalization App - Focus on Android Launcher App -
유신정 Yoo Shinjung , 이연준 Lee Younjoon
The necessity of personalized service has increased with the service overflow caused by development of manufacturing and information technologies. Recently, Launcher App has attracted wide attention in ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) market as a next generation service platform receiving a broad attention. This research sought to investigate the relationship between user`s characteristics (innovativeness and suitability) and perceived awareness on personalized app (perceived usefulness, ease of use and pleasure) from a perspective of technology acceptance In particular, this research aimed to identify how these variables - user`s characteristics and perceived awareness - can influence user`s usage satisfaction. This paper suggested a modified model based on Technology Acceptance Model and elicited questionnaire through a literature review. Statistical analysis was conducted on 245 valid samples who have previously used using Launcher App. The result showed that suitability factor in user`s characteristics and all perceived awareness factors had a positive impact on uses`s usage satisfaction. Therefore, when developing app or similar personalized app, it is necessary to identify suitability based on the users and configure interface to enhance perceived awareness.
Key Words
사용자 특성과 인지, 사용자 만족, 런처 앱, User Characteristics and Awareness, User Satisfaction, Launcher App
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