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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.47, No.0, 143 ~ 153, 2015
A Study on the Introduction of National Skills Standard(NCS) at Department of Design Studies
김경화 Kim Kyunghwa
This research was attempted to figure out the feasibility of the introduction of NCS at Department of Design Studies. For this study, we progressed a questionnaire survey targeting 200 workers working for design companies, and collected data got frequency analysis, t-test and variance analysis executed by using a statistic package program with SPSS 20.0 for Windows. As for the result of analysis thereto, firstly, as the result of analysis on the influences of NCS enforcement upon the design industry, it showed a high level of opinion that it will cast an affirmative effect on the design industrial development. Secondly, as the result of analysis on the curriculum demand level of design business field, the necessity of site practical education and the necessity as to detailed major education were surveyed most highly. Thirdly, as the result of analysis on professional manpower utilizing satisfaction in the business site, a little dissatisfaction was surveyed most highly, and the main reason covered most of deficit of site practical education. On the other hand, in the awareness on the necessity of the cultivation of competent people required by the business in the application of NCS, `Required` was surveyed most highly.
Key Words
NCS, 국가직무능력표준, 디자인학과, National Skills Standfard, Design Studies
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