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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.47, No.0, 105 ~ 115, 2015
Classification and Practical Use of Educational Augmented Reality Application for Mobile Media
이운형 Lee Woon-hyung
The augmented reality technology can be used in various types of contents, but its potentialities and possibilities as a new medium are recognized especially in education fields related to social infrastructure. This paper deals with the classification and the practical use of educational augmented reality application, from the point of view of grafting augmented reality technology onto the education area, focused on the possibilities of educational augmented reality application for mobile media. Characteristics of augmented reality media can affect to the effect of education: first, interactivity that helps user`s active study. second, communication through visualization in the three-dimensional space. third, presence that boosts learning activity through real-time acquisition of the information. These characteristics of augmented reality should be considered in the development of applications. Also, in the result of analysis of the educational augmented reality applications in the market, although various form of the applications, they could be divided into three types depends on place, content, learning method and operating method: a history experience type, a teaching material type and a learning astronomical geography type. It is expected that these research results will be used as a material that can be referred to in the development of educational augmented reality applications for mobile media.
Key Words
증강현실, 교육용 어플리케이션, 모바일 어플리케이션, Augmented Reality, Educational Application, Mobile Application
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