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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.47, No.0, 93 ~ 105, 2015
The Actual Conditions of Employment Contracts and Minimum Wages and Job Satisfaction among Employees in the Beauty Industry
박다영 Park Da Young , 유태순 Yoo Tai-soon
This research aims to find the actual condition of employment contracts and minimum wages among employees in the beauty industry; to identify the effects of its characteristics on their job satisfaction; and to empathize the need of applying the minimum wage system and better working conditions to the beauty industry. A total of 391 questionnaires were used for data analysis, intended for employees working in beauty shops in Daegu. The SPSS 19.9 for Window program was used. The results show that small-scale beauty shops didn`t have employment contracts more often; employees in beauty shops were hardly aware of the minimum wage system; and the majority of shops had not been supervised by labor supervisors. Regarding demographic factors, gender, marital status, and age didn`t affect their job satisfaction, while the higher level of education they had, the better personal satisfaction they showed regarding their educational background. Considering making contracts, those who closed the employment contract and whose contract was done in writing appeared to have higher job satisfaction and they showed various levels of job satisfaction depending on their working conditions. Lastly, with regard to observing the minimum wage system, employees who were working in the shops that complied with the system got more satisfied with their jobs.
Key Words
근로계약, 최저임금제도, 직무만족, Labor Contract, Minimum Wage System, Job Satisfaction
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