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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.47, No.0, 65 ~ 78, 2015
Collaboration Trends in Fashion and the Automotive Industry
조정미 Cho Jung Mee
This research is to examine major collaboration cases between fashion and automobile industries since after the 20th century when automobiles have been commercialized, analyze their various chronological and methodological types, and inquire into the strategic effects and value capabilities. The research method consisted of analyzing the collaborations between automobile and fashion industries by time and types via internet and literature. According to research, the collaboration between automobile and fashion progressed by the automobile company selecting a specific fahsion designer brand. As such, instead of supplementing automotive elements to fashion, the attributes of fashion have been fused into automotive. Collaboration patterns also displayed tendency of putting more weight on exterior design variations fitting to the unique visual identities of the fashion designers. A more detailed classification of collaborations with fashion designers revealed that, formative aspect can be classified into exterior, interior and automotive accessories, and emotional aspect includes exhibition planning, various events, advertising and other cultural marketing considerations. The aspect of collaboration type that is becoming more active in the 21st century is the emotional aspect of collaboration. Automobile companies and fashion designers are bringing in charity groups, musitians, artists, and environmental activists as partners for holding exhibitions, performances and charity events, and venturing active emotional communications. The research studied collaborations among different industries, and in the future, will assist in forming strategies for international collaborations as means to enter into a more successful global market for our automobile and fashion industries.
Key Words
자동차, 패션, 콜라보레이션, car, fashion, collaboration
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