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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.47, No.0, 43 ~ 53, 2015
Cultural Meanings of Digital Technology Application in Craft
김정지 Kim Jungji
In the development of information age from the industrial society in 21C, analogue culture has been digitalized. It creates continuous changes in design methodology and social values reflecting different time. Traditional craft-based methodology of designing through making process is strongly relevant to an emerging culture of customization in 3D production and consumption recently. In the context of 20th century mass production and mass consumption, crafts lost compatibility in the market of everyday products with the economic constraints imposed by the cost effective strategy of industrial production with mass manufacturing technologies. As a result, products of customization and individuality became the most parts of contemporary crafts. However, in a current post industrial society, composed by advances in ICT(Information & Communication Technology), the mass customization of products to individual need is on the market such as global brand Nike and is being offered by product designers across the countries. Looking at various examples and analyzing relationships between craft and technology in the aspects of history and philosophy, this research suggests a re-evaluation of the crafts in 21C culture. A design methodology through making is developing with current digital production process and it is linked to craft practice in the sense of concepts of making. Such methodology and its products embrace an `authencity` that is highly valued in the circumstances of a society loosing identity and humanism.
Key Words
공예, 디지털 기술, 진정성, Crafts, Digital Technology, Authenticity
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