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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.47, No.0, 17 ~ 31, 2015
Information Architecture Design for Fashion Coordination App based on the men`s needs of fashion information
고정민 Kho Jeong-min , 이지현 Lee Jee-hyun
It is time that application is becoming important depending on the universalization of the smart phone, so various form of fashion application has been developed reflecting the taste of the users. However, ordinary users and male users are not main target, and the specialized contents for mobile is quite rare because most of applications are information provided type for high involvement on fashion group, Accordingly, this study aimed at a suggestion for an application design that suggest customizing coordination tor an ordinary male office worker who not fashion-susceptible This study was conducted in parallel with the literature research and survey. Primarily, type of fashion applications, fashion information search and utilization characteristic, application structure of information were analyzed. Secondly, In-depth interviews of six people to meet the deduced requirements through literature research were conducted. Consequently personas and imaginary scenarios classified by two types depending on the features were written and utilization was confirmed. So specific application interface based on two step processes were designed. This study could be used to organize and diversification of male fashion information service by presenting information architecture development process of fashion applications.
Key Words
모바일 어플리케이션, 정보구조, 패션 정보, Fashion Information, Information Architecture, Mobile Application
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