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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.47, No.0, 7 ~ 17, 2015
Study on Interior Design Characteristics of Exhibition Spaces of Local Museums - Focusing on Surveys on Status of Museums in Yeongdong Area -
박석중 Park Seouk-jung , 문정인 Moon Jung-in
The purpose of this research is to prepare useful materials based on data acquired through survey on actual use conditions in exhibition spaces of museums in the Yeongdong area when altering the structure of the existing museums or constructing new museums within local areas. The features of the elements of interior environment and interior exhibition space planning identified after analyzing surveys on the actual condition of museums located in four areas, which are Sokcho, Yangyang, Gangneung, and Samcheok, are as follows. The space of museums are composed of permanent exhibition halls, special exhibition halls, seminar rooms and storehouses. In addition, the plane form appeared to be mostly planned in a quadrangle form and the touring route in a consecutive route type. The interior exhibition spaces were both composed of an immobile partition and mobile partition type and the observation paths were directed to the right and left depending on the location of exhibition halls. As an element of interior environment, lumber, vinyl tiles, or painting were used for finishing materials, and, regarding colors, white color and brown color families were mostly used. Down lightings, rail type spotlights, fluorescent lights inside display cases (wall type), and halogen lights were used for lighting devices. In addition, foamex boards and tempered glasses were used in metal or wooden frames for signs, and wall types, mobile types, and exposed display tables were planned for the furniture (display cases).
Key Words
지역박물관, 전시 공간, 실내디자인 특성, Local Museums, Exhibition Spaces, Interior Design Characteristics
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