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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.46, No.0, 47 ~ 61, 2015
Development on the Value Stage Model of Convergent Service Design according to the Fusion of Service Industries
천하봉 Chun Habong
Innovation and productivity of service design is generated from invisible values that are created through the consumer-oriented environmental system rather than from scientific and logical perspectives of providers. Thus, service design has to be made from the comprehensive touch points which create user experiences through service infrastructure establishment, distinctive contents experience, and execution of contents in the infrastructure. Accordingly, the development structure of service design has to be addressed individually based on the service industry system and the development areas. And a systemic organization through step-by-step structures is required for evaluation of the outcomes, classification of the role models, and financial reward standards. In order to improve competency of service design, convergence service activation is urgently needed and at the same time, a systemic role of service design is required. Accordingly, for the creation of customer-oriented convergence business and the progress of convergence service design industry, this study aims to investigate the followings. First, service industry will be viewed with a fusion perspective and the novel values of convergence innovations will be classified. Simultaneously, structural systems for convergence service industry and convergence service development will be investigated. Second, the steps of fusion service design will be structured and the areas and values of development targets will be defined. This study will be able to explain the role and status of fusion service design in the service industry, which will help the service design be established as a formal design area by providing evidence for systematic roles and created strategic values of such design outcomes. Eventually, the academic system of service design will be firmly established. At the same time, the next-generation convergence service industry will be identified and the competency of convergence service-based industry will be further fortified.
Key Words
서비스산업, 서비스디자인, 서비스모델, Service Industry, Service Design, Service Model
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