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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.53, No.0, 107 ~ 117, 2016
Development of Digital Textile Design Using Modification of Text (Part1)
윤경희 Yoon Kyung Hee , 오순 Oh Soon , 김정실 Kim Jung-sil
Background This study aims at developing textile design based on the concept of words such as “persona” and “chaos” as well as the series of “relations” that root from people`s relationships and connections. Methods The text image projects (I, II, III, IV, V) were reformed in various ways by combining the design of t-shirts, one-piece dresses, and skirts. To do so, Illustrator CS6 was used for the editing while DTP(Digital Textile Printing), Photoshop CS6, and the functions of textile 11.0 were used for the soft draped silk(100%). Result By applying digital textile design, the diversity of texts were linked to a computer system, which brought upon recreation of geometric and abstract images. Conclusion By having completed the project, text was thought to have meanings of “persona” and the inner world of people who bring chaos to human relationships. In future studies, the combination of typography images and the modern arts projects will be looked upon and contribute to the apparel industry by having consumers` desire fulfilled.
Key Words
텍스트, 페르소나와 카오스, 디지털 텍스타일 디자인, Text, Persona, Chaos, Digital Textile Design
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