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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.53, No.0, 69 ~ 85, 2016
Trend research on Textile Coordination of Boutique Hotels Korea - Focused on the difference between foreign boutique hotels and local boutique hotels -
박혜신 Hae Shin Park
Background Boutique Hotels are uniquely designed to provide special experiences for customers; the design strategy for Boutique Hotels is extremely important in attracting customers. Therefore, the current study seeks to identify the most ideal design strategy for small to medium sized hotels by analyzing local and foreign interior design trends of hotels, with a focus on those that demonstrate textile coordination trends. Methods To do this, images of hotel rooms across 24 hotels (11 foreign hotels, 13 local hotels) were collected to analyze the interior textiles coordination of boutique hotels. The method was to analyze each of the rooms based on color, pattern, material and coordination method, in reference to categories identified by a previous researcher. Result Upon analysis, it was discovered that foreign boutique hotels implemented a variety of different patterns and materials on their beddings, rugs and in particular, their flooring. Contrastingly, local boutique hotels did not make various use of interior textiles. For local hotels, the coordination method was heavily focused on color with very little use of patterns and prints. In addition, attempts to coordinate with different types of materials were also found to be weak. Especially, coordination of beddings, which is relatively easier than the other interior constituents, mostly tended to lean heavily on white beddings and use single color or materials. This only highlighted that improvements need to be made in interior textiles design for local boutique hotels. Conclusion Through this study, it has been realized that of all the multiple types of textile coordination methods available, pattern and material related coordination methods must be explored and attempted in particular by local boutique hotels.
Key Words
부티크 호텔, 인테리어 텍스타일, 코디네이션, Boutique hotel, interior textiles, coordination
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