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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.53, No.0, 57 ~ 68, 2016
A Study on the Current Situation of Amenities Installment of Public Use Facilities in Train Stations - Based on Field Survey in 37 KTX Stations Nationwide -
김수정 Kim-soo Jong
Background This study analyzes the improvement of amenities facilities that can assist activities (action and movement) in 37 KTX stations nationwide which are experiencing heavy increase of users. The study understands the current situation using a checklist and evaluates the space of KTX station based on it. Methods The paper checks the installment of amenities aiming at suggesting a direction for improving and developing the amenities in the space of station that is used by numerous people and presents a direction for enhancing user convenience. Result The following summarizes the conclusions. First, comparing the installment questions between the Act on the Promotion and Guarantee of Access for the Disabled, the Aged, and Pregnant Women (the existing checklist in 2004) and Barrier-free Living Environment Certification Rule (security checklist in 2016), the average installment rate of the nine facility divisions in the existing checklist in 2004 was 67% and the average installment rate of the 14 facility divisions in security checklist in 2016 was 59%. The security checklist in 2016 has more segmented facility division as the checklist in 2004 already contained evaluation on the amenities. As a result, the application of the installment criteria is thought to be showing an insignificant difference between the two, approximately -8%. Second, according to the evaluation results of the facility division in 37 KTX stations nationwide based on the checklist that is composed of a total of 162 sub questions, the average of the sum was 63%, indicating higher than average. Third, the evaluation results of the facilities in 37 stations nationwide implied that ramp (27% on average), escalator (14%), N. alarming and evacuation facilities (3%), K. closet bowel (36%), and L. washbowl (36%) required urgent improvement. Conclusion We expect that the checklist completed in this study can be used in future studies as a fundamental material for facility evaluation and further be used as a standard for amenities in stations.
Key Words
편의시설, KTX역사, 체크리스트, Amenities, Korea Train Express (KTX) Station, check list
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