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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.53, No.0, 45 ~ 57, 2016
Jewellery art as immaterialized expression - Focused on work < Jewellery as second skin > -
김계옥 Kyeok Kim
Background Post-material and incorporeal form, the trend progressed in the modern art and design is further advanced by the de-materialism concept and with the rapidly advanced information society. With this background, jewellery is also extended from a basic form where materials and technologies are the center and recognized as a genre embracing the new artistic concepts and the need of their expression is realized. As such, this research introduces the de-material concept and expressions appearing when jewellery is extended to an art and displays that production of jewellery becomes a new genre or category. Method Based on the de-materialism concept and its philosophical background, we studied the de-materialization concept in the art objects and its expression cases. Based upon this, we studied the possibility if jewellery is able to contain a de-materialization concept, when they accept artistic concepts. Through the case studies of the detail expressed examples, we also analyze works of researchers. Results Jewellery reveals human mentality and contain the de-materialism concept as an extension of sense by providing physical sensitive expressions. And this concept can be interpreted in a line with the de-materialization trend in the art objects. < Jewellery as the second skin > accepts the phenomenon where light, mark and scent become de-materialized through the catalyst of jewellery and becomes a formless, post-material jewellery that have the concept of the human body itself. Experiencing the material property that is disappearing due to the movement of the human body and time becomes signified as ideality, extinction and interaction. Conclusion Researchers overturn the universal identity and concept of jewellery by accepting the de-material phenomena and research on expressions of jewellery art that can be interpreted based on the phenomena. Furthermore, they are able to suggest the possibility that jewellery, as a form of art, could be a new potential media of expression.
Key Words
장신구아트, 비물질성, 무형의 장신구, Jewellery art, Immateriality, Formless jewellery
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