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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.53, No.0, 29 ~ 45, 2016
Development of multi-purpose safety workwear using the multi-functional fabric that satisfy EN(European Union safety standard) - Focused on the national 119 rescue service uniform, uniform in a gas station and workwear of construction & heavy industries -
이규진 Kyu-jin Lee
Background Designs are being applied uniformly to various kinds of safety workwear at domestic and foreign industrial fields, failing in considering use and functionality by industry without guarantee for a safe environment and also definite classification and standard. This study aims to develop a manufacturing technique for multi-functional fabric fitting for a work environment of a worker and satisfying the European Union safety standard(EN) and multi-purpose safety workwear centered on a user under collaboration with KM Corporation and HSTG CO. Methods This study analyzes needs for improving working performance through the site evaluation according to working environment classification of industrial fields along with market research and precedent case study for domestic safety workwear to develop optimized multi-purpose safety workwear. Result This study developed the multi-functional fabric fitting for the European Union safety standard(EN)) that improved safety of a wearer. Besides, popular safety workwear was developed design diversification by workwear considering functional aspects including the mobility test and wear convenience, and workwear coloration, material texture, clothing line and detail, and a changed body type. As a result, planning for mass production was done through patent application for the fabric and design and specification standardization to establish a marketing strategy for domestic and foreign safety workwear markets. Conclusion This study complemented lack of the existing safety wear in generalization to an industrial field through producing and spreading 21 kinds of safety workwear items to be used as everyday sports/leisure clothing beyond industrial and working fields, disaster sites and government/public offices needing safety protection. It is expected to reduce disasters and enhance social welfare with increase of the wearing rate of a safety workwear.
Key Words
안전작업복, 복합기능 원단, 동작적합성, Safety workwear, Multi-functional fabric, mobility test
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