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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.52, No.0, 39 ~ 49, 2016
A Study on Set Up & Management for Ulsan Museum of Arts
이현경 Lee Hyun-kyung
Background The use of traditional elements in contemporary jewelry design has been widely discussed previously but the attention to the postmodernism`s effects have increased just recently. Ethnic style jewelry brings diversity to a world of design, tolerance of ambiguity, mixing of styles, and acceptance of innovation and change which are distinct to modernism forms. Such effects are thought to be a result of changes in the consumers` values for their own lifestyles. Methods In the world of design, consumer preferences and ideas on creative design should be reflected. Design is about putting aesthetics in a particular item and by aesthetics it signifies the cultural artistic element. In the modern world, it is not sufficient to compete only with cost benefits or functional elements. Both economical and esthetical aspects should be considered in order to satisfy a wide range of consumers` needs. The selection of traditional elements with new approach to jewelry design and the utilization capacity is necessary to become a world famous design. Result This study was able to draw on the fact that it is possible for the Shilla Dynasty Gold Crown to be a design subject which would satisfy consumers in the modern generation with a large variety of tastes. Furthermore, ethnic jewelry can be used for new jewelry design in the future. A framework in bringing the new spotlight to Shilla Dynasty Gold Crown was established through redesigning jewelry to fit modern preferences. Conclusion In the future, the jewelry design should not only emphasize its formative characteristics, but also allow spiritual consensus.
Key Words
에스닉주얼리, 신라왕관, 주얼리디자인, Ethnic jewelry, Shilla dynasty crown, Jewelry design
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