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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.49, No.0, 179 ~ 193, 2015
The effect of Chinese consumers`perceived service quality and Korean fashion product quality on consumer satisfaction and repurchase intention - Based on Taobao buying service -
이페이 Yifei Niu , 박민정 Minjung Park
Background The buying service has received considerable intention in the past few years in China. Most people choose China`s biggest open market Taobao to purchase merchandise from abroad through buying service, however, dissatisfaction happens all the time. Therefore, this study aims to find out how perceived Korean fashion product quality, Taobao service quality and individual sellers influence on consumer satisfaction, and how this affects repurchase intentions of Chinese consumers in buying service. Methods An online survey was conducted with consumers who have purchased Korean fashion products through Taobao buying service. Number of 204 responses were used for the final statistical analysis. Result The results revealed that all four dimensions of Korean fashion product quality(aesthetic, usefulness, care, extrinsic), dimensions of Taobao`s service quality of website design, efficiency and responsiveness; seller`s service quality of webpage design, responsiveness have the significant impact on consumer satisfaction. Consumer satisfaction then has significant impact on repurchase intention. However, the efficiency of seller and the security of both Taobao and seller have no statistical significance in determining consumer satisfaction. Conclusion This study suggests that to enhance consumer purchase intention, both Taobao and sellers should improve their service quality. Moreover, Korean fashion brands which already or decided to enter the Chinese market should develop marketing strategies to better address the quality of products.
Key Words
구매대행, 서비스품질, 패션제품품질, Buying Service, Service Quality, Fashion Product Quality
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