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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.49, No.0, 155 ~ 167, 2015
Design Information Structure of Traffic Signs - Focused on Surveys of Korea and U.K. cases -
김상욱 Kim Sanguck
Background Functional facilities of road signs that provide destination guidance information to the operator using the roads are increasing in importance as a national infrastructure for moving people and goods. Methods In South Korea, making the nomination and facilities Information center of the road system are the Information Systems street name. General concept and structure of the information system of road signs are to objectify the effectiveness of the first street name signs that are developed using the new design scheme, applied and cross-comparative analysis of the signs and similarity of the UK with a road information system. Individual countries sign environments and system design configurations including social background and made to apply information systems, methods of operation of the individual units of information elements to be analyzed. Result Mutual corresponding sign information through a process that compares the components and operating systems Identify strengths and weaknesses and the difference between the efficiency of information communication systems of the two countries sign design system. Street name sign may be evaluated in the term switch operating method as guide way of providing spatial information to linear information to the driver at the same time. The city of South Korea and road conditions around the UK road signs with similar information system is being operated to reflect regional characteristics compared to the road system of common street name and route guidance information center. Conclusion In the case of Korea, efficiency, system design feature of visual communication of operational convenience, but compared to the UK can be seen in the case of the United Kingdom has considered whether a more detailed and step-by-step process information sequentially. South Korea`s road signs are road information signs guiding systems in transition than in the United Kingdom may be recognized that effectiveness.
Key Words
도로표지판, 공공정보, 디자인시스템, Traffic signs, Public information, Design system
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