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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.49, No.0, 145 ~ 155, 2015
Practical use of Motion Graphic in Mobile Augmented Reality - Focused on Moving Typography Technique -
이운형 Woon-hyung Lee
Background Augmented reality based on virtual space has become popular with the spread of smartphone and the overcoming a location limit thanks to the development of technology. Mobile media already stands on the center of social change. It is expected that mobile media will play an important role in the media society, thus this paper suggests the applications of motion graphic focused on moving typography technique that can provoke the interest and the flow of users, on the basis of research that can be applied to augmented reality contents design effectively. Methods In order to make motion graphics for mobile applications, three areas of preceding researches include augmented reality, motion graphics, mobile media are analyzed and the basic analyzation form is established. Based on the form, mobile augmented reality application is designed and the possibilities of practical use will be suggested. Result When the motion graphic for augmented reality is designed, these factors should be considered: three-dimensional location limits, presence and the characteristics of mobile media. Based on the findings, motion graphic with moving typography technique is applied to the process of mobile augmented reality content prototyping and the interface of prototype is improved through heuristic evaluation. Conclusion Design for convergence media such as augmented reality has appeared with the change of the time. However, its design is based on the visual information, thus the design should be developed with considering graphic design`s language and theory as well as the characteristics of contemporary media. The result of this research is expected that it will effectively be used in the process of practical development through the designing application combines augmented reality and motion graphic. It will be able to redeem the area of design in the development of augmented reality contents.
Key Words
증강현실, 모션그래픽, 무빙 타이포그래피, Augmented Reality, Motion Graphic, Moving Typography
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