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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.49, No.0, 119 ~ 129, 2015
Suggestion of UI Design Directions for Improving Usability of Large Digital Information Display
육제민 Je-min Yook , 최정민 Jung-min Choi
Background DID performing a variety of tasks in a state standing in front of a large screen in the process of using the device, the cognitive and physical burden is relatively large. These weakness of a device cause a continous problems in process of understanding information and exploring, and it reduce a practical effectiveness of DID. Purpose of this study is to seek the suitable direction of the UI design for environment of large DID interface. Methods The study consists of understanding, case analysis and suggestion of improving directions. Based on the literature research, understand the characteristics of the interface environment and the concept of the large DID and then conducted a user survey, observations and interviews on the large DID that are installed in the city of Seoul. This study suggest improvement directions by analysing derived problems. Result The problems were based on common issues of DID`s interface environment, limited visibility area and the operating area. Based on these issue, this study according to the process of interaction design suggested the improvement directions for future UI design to navigation, layout, UI components three steps. Conclusion This study has the significance in that summarizes the various issues with the UI design of large DID. However because the suggested direction was not identified by the substantive contents verification. So the effectiveness of that is unclear. Therefore, in next study through the specific prototype development it should practices and refine its effectiveness.
Key Words
디지털 정보 디스플레이, UI 디자인, 사용성, Digital Information Display, UI Design, Useability
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