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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.55, No.0, 183 ~ 195, 2017
Structural Relationship among Informativeness, Usefulness, Consumer Attitude, and Purchase Intention of Cosmetics Instagram
서현겸 Hyeon-gyeom Seo , 유태순 Tai-soon Yoo
Background This study aims to investigate the structural relationship among informativeness, usefulness, consumer attitude, and purchase intention of cosmetics Instagram; to present an integrated structural model. Methods A survey was conducted among 444 women in their twenties who had experienced Instagram. Data were analyzed using AMOS 23.0 and SPSS 23.0. Result First, the usefulness of cosmetics Instagram posts and consumer attitude had a direct effect on purchase intention. Second, the informativeness and usefulness directly affected consumer attitude. Third, the informativeness had a direct effect on usefulness. Fourth, the informativeness showed an indirect influence on purchase intention through usefulness, consumer attitude. usefulness had an indirect effect on purchase intention through consumer attitude. Fifth, the informativeness showed an indirect effect on consumer attitude through usefulness. Conclusion Informativeness of cosmetics on Instagram, usefulness and consumer attitude exercised direct & indirect influence on purchase intention. Consumer attitude is an important variable that both directly or indirectly influences purchase intention.
Key Words
인스타그램의 정보성, 유용성, 소비자태도, Informativeness of Instagram, Usefulness, Consumer Attitude
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