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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.55, No.0, 173 ~ 183, 2017
A Study on Application Cases and Expression Technique of Handicraft POP Advertising
장웅 Woong Jang , 김남훈 Nam-hun Kim
Background Recently, handicraft POP advertising has been actively used as a strategy to stimulate consumers` emotions and promote product sales in individual stores. The handicraft POP advertising made by handwriting, painting, or decorating by hand is very interesting as a means to maximize the advertising effect because it can express various expressions that can not be produced by computer and has high attention rate. Therefore, this study analyzes the expression technique of handicraft POP advertising and proposes a use case. Methods We analyze 10 types of POP advertising experts in Korea for 10 years or more, and analyze the expression techniques of 100 elements of POP advertising second class qualification works conducted by Korea Pretty Letter Association. Result As a result of analyzing the expression technique, the gothic style with the uniformity of the font expression was mainly used. In addition, color, illustration, and layout did not show differentiated expression techniques depending on the type of industry. Therefore, the concept of the product, the understanding of the object of appeal, and the expression of the handicraft POP advertising in consideration of the selling point are required. Conclusion It can be said that handicraft POP advertising stimulates consumers` emotions and promotes product purchase compared to computer fonts and printed advertisements. It is necessary to study the expression technique that can strengthen the practical ability of POP specialist and actively cope with the special environment and sales activities of individual stores.
Key Words
POP, POP광고, 수기 POP, P.O.P Advertising, Handicraft P.O.P
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