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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.55, No.0, 131 ~ 141, 2017
Heuristic Evaluation of Mobile Augmented Reality Applications : Focused on Location-Based Service Type Apps
이운형 Lee Woon-hyung
Background Most of the researches on augmented reality have focused on core technology to realize it or contents development so far. Recently, study on the usability evaluation of the interface of augmented reality is being conducted, but the evaluation is not reflecting the characteristics of each type of contents, and also in the reality, there are not enough systematic evaluation techniques that take the features of the media to embody augmented reality, such as mobility, into consideration. The study on the interface design usability of the applications based on augmented reality needs more discussion compared to the researches on the interface design usability of the existing media. Methods In this study, for specification of the items to evaluate the usability of the augmented reality using the mobile phones for educational purposes, operationalization of the usability evaluation item including affordance and presence was tried and analyzed by professionals, and the checklist to evaluate basic usability assessment was deducted and applied to heuristic evaluation. Result As the heuristic evaluation result, the problems of information on the screen and interactive elements being overlapped was highlighted as an important matter with location-based applications. It`s the problem of usability which is commonly found among many location-based service type of augmented reality applications, and the matter of overlapped location that occurs when information is arranged in the three-dimensional space. Conclusion Different from the entity recognition method used in a fixed environment, the location-based service method frequently comes to face the situation of keeping moving with a mobile device in the hand, so the background of the reality on the screen continues to change, and because of this, the information on the screen needs to become easily acknowledgeable in diverse situations. Accordingly, as for applications of location-based service method, legibility of information becomes an important factor of usability, and it should be also considered for design.
Key Words
증강현실, 모바일미디어, 사용성평가, Augmented Reality, Mobile Media, Usability Evaluation
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