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DOI :     Journal Korea Society of Visual Design Forum , Vol.55, No.0, 31 ~ 49, 2017
Lifestyle and Fashion Products Purchase Behavior of Single Households
이지용 Ji-yong Lee , 황진숙 Jin-sook Hwang
Background Recently, single person households are receiving much attention from many fields as it creases as the main consumer target. Also, it is not only spreading in the country but also quickly increasing overseas. Unlike other households, these households spend a lot of their time by themselves and have a different lifestyle that demands more time to shop or solve all their problems. The purposes of this study are to determine the lifestyle factors and to investigate the differences among the lifestyle segments. Methods This study carried out focused interviews with 14 single person households of both men and women from the ages of 20~40 and who were not legally married or lived in single generation residence. After, a survey of both men and women from the ages of 20~40 were taken and a result analysis of 717 people was made. The analysis used SPSS 18.0 to analyze frequency, primary factor, dependability, K-clustering and cross analysis. Result According to the focused interview the reason for a single person household were due to 8 factors pursuing stability, health, social activity, economic, trend, self-centrism and self-development. With this, the single person household was classified into the 4 groups `economic/stability focused group`, `active trend/social group`, `non-economic/passive group`, and `nonsocial/ apathetic group`. By looking at the difference between the demographic characteristics and fashion purchase conditions of the 4 groups, it was verified that there is notable difference in all factors except age. Conclusion This study will later be considered to be useful in the usage of detailed consumer marketing activities and basic educational materials of the life styles of single person households.
Key Words
싱글 1인 가구, 라이프스타일, 패션제품구매실태, Single person households, lifestyle, fashion product purchases behavior
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